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The band Ljubojna, which most authentically conveys the pulse of the Macedonian traditional sound, has not only founded its work on its descending to the source but deeply immerses into what we call a contemporary sound. They are the heralds of the Macedonian music of the 21st century. An elegant music with rough rhythmic beat they play with all its passion and vigor. It blends different styles of music founded on the Macedonian music essence. Pronounced as a universal musical language, it has anthropological and cosmopolitan code deep inside.

The band has impassionedly performed this music in all its forms: traditional, classical, popular, and experimental announcing it through the vocal expression of Vera Miloshevska. It is believed that she is a successor of the renowned Vanja Lazarova and Mirvet Belovska. The critics call her Vera the Nightingale. People say she enchants with her spontaneity of a café singer. As a student of Vanja lazarova and ethnologist, has started a close collaboration with Oliver Josifovski, double bass player and composer, and gives the most essence and refined nuance to the music of Ljubojna. A great experience lies behind the musician`s devotedness and an art passed down from masters of this music. Some of them, descendants of famous chalgi musicians, have inherited the art at the earliest age.

Ljubojna stands behind many theater projects: performances, ballet shows and film music as well. Since 2002 the band performs in many music festivals and theater festivals all over the world. In 2005 Ljubojna released their debut album, named as P.S.O. with suggestive and conceptual expression inspired from the novel Money Kills by Risto Krle. Whereas their second album Macedonia Fresh (2008) is unplugged concert version with velvet orchestral, expanded and sorbet chalgi sound. Their third album, A Song for my song (2009) is based on poetry of Petre M. Andreevski. Having in mind Macedonian contemporary music, it emerges as a new leap forward in the music idea of Ljubojna. A Song for my Song is a radio album balanced by the aesthetics of different music styles. All three albums are product of Ljubojna`s own music production house Bajro Zakon Corporation.

Two words brought Ljubojna to life, Ljubov (love) and Boj (battle), signifying both enemies and lovers. Then the music itself, European deep inside, with fashions and influences from the East, creates a mix of sweet and salty vibes that sway the stories with joyful sorrow. Enlivened and shared between the East and the West, Ljubojna sings of the past and the present, of the unrepeatable, the genuine and the forever modern beat.    

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