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Ana Durlovski

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Ana Durlovski, soprano, was born in Shtip, Macedonia, in 1978. Received her musical education at Skopje Faculty of Music with prof. Biljana Jovanovska Jakimovska during the 1997-2001 period. The Ana Durlovski charismatic soprano is conquering the world in the past few years. Her thrilling sound and perfect sense for rhythm paint all musical styles but Mozart`s music she uses as a medicine for her voice. The audience spotted Durlovski`s sterling`s voice at her debute as Lucia in MOB production of `Lucia di Lammermoor` in 2000. Ever since, the focused, light sound created by this soprano turned into a trademark for the Macedonian Opera belcanto productions. She also appeared on the MOB stage as Donna Anna in `Don Giovanni`, the Queen of the Night in `Die Zauberfloette`, Adele in `Die Fledermaus`, and Antonida in `Ivan Susanin`.

Her natural physical beauty, the dramatic fire inside her, as well the lyric intensity in the voice take Ana Durlovski to perform on the operatic stages in the world. She started working and polishing her sophisticated vocal technique in the KMS Olivera Miljakovic studio in Vienna, Austria, in 2001. The perfect voice control in all registries, the precise pitch, the sense for frasing with sometimes unobtrusive dynamics and than freed expression gain this soprano to work with the opera houses in Vienna, Berlin, Meinz, Frankfurt, Zagreb, Osijek, Split, Sarajevo, Sofia, Bucharest, Belgrade, Tirana, etc. Her resonant voice was also noticed by the Muzikteater SSE Foundation so Ana Durlovski received its fellowship since 2005. Ana Durlovski was awarded the `Marijana Radev` Award for Best female operatic achievement in Croatia for 2006.

Ana Durlovski, the singer that bears enormous erotism but sings equally impressive, debuted in June 2006 on the stage of Vienna Staatsoper as the Queen of the night in Mozart`s `Die Zauberfloette`.

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