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Branko Gjorchev

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Branko Gjorchev is a famous Macedonian actor.

He is born in 1962 and he graduated in 1986 at the Faculty of Drama Arts, University `Cyril and Methodius` in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, in the class of Professor Vukan Dinevski. Since 1987 he works as an actor in the Drama Theatre – Skopje (DTS). To date he has realized numerous leading and supporting roles in top domestic plays in his basic theatre and in all other theatres in the country.

Significant roles:
Shtrk – Upside Down Neighborhood by Nina Mitrovich, directed by Nenni Delmestre, DTS, 2007;
Robespierre - The Death of Danton, by Georg Bichner, People`s Theatre-Strumitsa, 2005;
Efto – Still Flight by Goran Stefanovski, DTS, International Theatre Festival (ITF) `Voydan Chernodrinski`, 2005;
Yonadab – Yonadab by Peter Schaeffer, DTS, ITF `Ohrid Summer`. 2003;
Dionysius – Backhaus by Euripides, People`s Theatre – Bitola, ITF `Ohrid Summer`, 2002;
The Man – The Last Man, The Last Woman by Yordan Plevnesh, Ephemeris Theatre-Paris, France, 2001;
Mephisto – Mephisto by Claus Mann, DTS, ITF `Ohrid Summer`, 2000;
Count Almaviva – Figaro by Bomarche, ITF `Ohrid Summer`, 1998;
Faust – Faust, dramatization by Gyorgyi Yolevski (based on Goethe, Marlow, Mann, Dostoevsky, Loher), Informal Theatre Group `Quartet`, 1997, performed on the International Theatre Festival of Alternative Performances `Krakowskie teatralne reminiscencije`, Poland, March 1998;
Uncertain – The Happiness is a New idea in Europe by Yordan Plevnesh, DTS, 1197, International Theatre Festival `Aux rivage se notre Europe`, Corbeil-Essonnes, Paris, France, January 1998, ITF `Charles-Dullin`, Theatre Romain Rolland, Villejuif, Paris, France, January 1998, Macedonian Theatre Festival `Voydan Chernodrinski`, June 1997, ITF in Cairo, Egypt, 1998;
Vladimir – Waiting for Gaudau by Samuel Becket, DTS, 1994, Festival of Chamber Drama `Risto Shishkov` – Strumitsa, September 1995;
Stole Apash – When the Pumpkins Blossomed by Borislav Mihaylovich, People`s Theatre – Kumanovo, 1992;
Treplyov – Seagull by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, Macedonian National Theatre, 1990;
Fred – Saved by Edward Bond, DTS, 1990;
Jason – Medeya by Dane Zayts, DTS, 1989, `Steriyino Pozorye`, Novi Sad, Serbia, 1991, `Budva Fest`, Budva, Monte Negro 1989, ITF `Ohrid Summer` 1990;
The King Claudius – Hamlet by Bunuel, Dubrovnik Summer Games, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 1985, MESS Saraevo, 1986, Alpe Adria, Nova Goritsa, Trieste and Bled, October 1986;

TV and Film roles:
Toni – The Misguided, directed by Slobodan Despotovski, TV film, SD Production, 2004;
The Boss – Picasso, directed by Alyosha Simyanovski, TV film, MRTV, 1987;
Ilcho – Events of Life, directed by Bogdan Pop Gyorchev, TV show, 60 episodes, MRTV, 1985;
Ognen – The Stars of `42, directed by Yane Petkovski, TV film, MRTV, 1985;
The Wolves, directed by Slobodan Despotovski, TV film, 2005;
Macedonia Can Do It, directed by Kole Angelovski, TV show, MRTV 1991;
The American, directed by Slobodan Despotovski, TV film, SD Production, 2006;
Time for Crying, directed by Kole Angelovski, TV film, MRTV, 2001;
The Vampires directed by Goran Trenchovski, TV film, MRTV, 2002;
Wrong Time directed by Dragi Velyanovski, TV show, MRTV, 2003;
Small Advices directed by Saho Pavlov, TV show, IDEA Plus DDB, 2003;
A Trap directed by Alyosha Simyanovski, TV film, 2007;
Dossier K directed by Vancho Petrushevski and Dragi Velyanovski;
Stay Upright directed by Kristian Risteski, short film, 2005;
Heating the Yesterday`s Launch directed by Kostadin Bonev, film, Bulgarian National TV Production, 2002;
Katsa directed by Dragan Velyanovski, TV film, 1999;
May God Kill the Spies directed by Atso Aleksov, TV film, 1993;

Awards and acknowledgements:
The award `Golden Mask` for best actor on the ITF `Ohrid Summer` for the role of Mephisto in the play `Mephisto`, `Vecher` daily newspaper, 2000;
Award for Best Actor in Republic of Macedonia for 1990, for the role of Fred in the play `Saved`, `Ekran` magazine, 1990.

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