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Ljupco Ilievski

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Ljupco Ilievski is one of the most distinguished Macedonian photographers. Belonging to the middle generation of photographers, he nourishes specific, artistic style and powerful mark of an author. At the moment, he is the only photographer in Macedonia whose photos of the Megalithic Observatory Kokino has been published in the Serbian edition of the prestige specialized magazine for photography `National Geographic`.

He was born on 30th of July 1955 in Prilep. He started with photography in 1980, and in one period, he worked as corresponded of TANJUG (Telegraphic Agency for New Jugoslavia).On his behalf, he says that he is not taking photographs but writing with the light. Topics he chooses are not the one of current interest, and they seem rather irrelevant. Nevertheless, he dedicates a lot of time and passion in the creativity process. One of his main interests is theatre photography, which bears creative dynamics and play of shadows. In the last 7 year, his new challenge is the history, which is 4000 years old. Story of Kokino, narrated through the records of Ilievski recently resulted in an exhibition, which provoked equal admiration among the audience and among the critics. 

Ilievski is author of seven independent exhibitions, and as a member of a `Photo- Club 25` he had participated in several group exhibitions. His presence was recorded on some film festivals, and he has been awarded many times for his work. His signature is behind the post stamps on the following topics: Terracotta icons and Kokino.

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