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The archeological locality Isar, Valandovo

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The archeological locality Isar is located near the village of Marvinci, seven kilometers southwest from Valandovo.

At this place in ancient times was existing a prehistoric settlement, above whose remains, thanks to the favorable conditions and the position at the Vardar valley, later was developed an ancient settlement from the Hellenistic time that with time became an important economic, traffic and cultural centre of the region, the so called Amphacsitida, that is situated on the both sides of the river Aksios, the today’s Vardar.

Parts of the antique city Isar were discovered with several findings from the older Iron Time, and the archeological identification began in 1950-53 when the locality Isar for the first time is registered in our literature. During the year 1957 were publishes some accidently archeological discoveries by the local inhabitants. The people that didn’t know the value of the remains of the antique city, the agriculturists from the neighboring villages were distributing different archeological materials and were using them in the building and like yard decorations.

Objects from this locality can be found in several museums in other countries, and also at the museums in Skopje, Veles, Gevgelija and the Museum collection in Valandovo.

The Antique city Isar is supposing that was raised in the Hellenic period, with modest archeological buildings that around the middle of the 4th century BC is developing rapidly. The archeological researches are showing that the city was populous in Hellenistic time. In the settlement there were storages with grain, ceramic workshops and cult places – sanctuaries. Also were discovered two antique necropolises.

In 1984 was discovered a beacon, more precisely a stadium-stone originating from pre roman time, which is speaking about the distance between two cities – Dober and Idomena. The inscription of the beacon is the first and the only monument of this kind and because of that is also one of the most important epigraph monuments discovered in our country. With the beacon was also discovered the location of the Peonic city Dober in the Valandovo valley.

The antique city Isar was ruined at the beginning of the 6th century in a strong earthquake. Then, despite the other objects, was completely destroyed the new aqueduct, and with that was ended the life in the city.

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