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Late roman thermal spa center, Bansko, Strumica

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The Romans through their constructive operations left visible marks in this area. One of the most presentable proofs is the construction of the late roman thermal spa center in Bansko, at 12 km southeast of Strumica, under the slopes of the mountain of Belasica.

The construction was using the thermal-mineral waters of the source of Parilo which is located fifty meters southwest from the spa. The capacity of the source is 42 liters per second, which is enough for supplying and quality serving of the spa.

The curability of the water with temperature of 72 degrees, noticed a long time ago by the Romans, is a benefit also used in the later period. Today at this place there are many tourist objects which are using the curative capacity of the water.

So far there are discovered 11 places (rooms) with total space of  623 square metre. Most preserved is the room that was used like sauna, where are located one arch with a form of a cross and one semicircular arch. Also well preserved is the room that was used like frigidarium – a pool with cold water with preserved half cupola over the bath. In the rest of the rooms are preserved the initial parts of the dome constructions. Also, in all discovered rooms are entirely preserved the floors made of  brick and mortar.

It is remained the complete system of the floor and wall heating with all his parts. At the two big pools are preserved the floors and the walls, and of a great importance is that the flume and the drain canal are still in function. There are established three constructive phases and a few smaller interventions in every phase separately. According to the style of building and archeological material, the spa was raised at the 3rd and 4th century.

It should be mentioned the construction at the centre of the city so called Machuk, where are discovered objects that belong to the period of the late antique. According to the site, size, architectural conception of the rooms and the rests of the interior, the mosaics and the mural picturesqueness, it can be said that it’s a question of an urban palace between the 4th and the 6th century. With this is spread and complete  the knowing about the late antique settlement raised in the old part of Strumica where was occurred constant culture and spiritual life.The time and culture continuity is confirmed ones more  through the space dimension of the culture presence in this region.

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