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The Monastery of St. Naum - Ohrid

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In a rare natural beauty, on the south most spot of the Ohrid Lake, St. Naum the Miracleworker had build the church dedicated to the Holy Archangels  

This church belongs to the monastery of St. Naum, who is standing on a high rock right above the Ohrid Lake. The raising of this monastery is connected with the name of Naum, the collaborator of Clement. Before the end of his life Naum found this monastery and he was buried there in 910. The rests of the first monastery are discovered in the foundations of the today’s church of St. Naum, who gets its look in the Turkish period, in the 16th century. The today’s church is built in two phases, in the first phase is built the narthex and the naos (cella), and then the domes that are covering them.

The church by its architectonical conception represents an engraved cross with a dome, who is holding on four pillars. The grave of St. Naum is turned toward south and it is a separate object with wide and low dome. The lower part of the church is made of stone, and the domes are made of bricks.

On the bases of the archeological researches is confirmed that at first this church had a form of a three leaf clover and had a narthex. By its plan and shape was almost identical with the church St. Pantelejmon in Ohrid. Later, the church of Naum was completely ruined, and today, on the floor on the today’s church is drawn the foundation of the old church.

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