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Konaci (lodgings) of Havzi Pasha - Bardovci, Skopje

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One of the most impressive  monuments of the Islam profane architecture on the territory of the Balkan Peninsula in the time of the feudal society establishment are the Konaci (lodgings) of Havzi Pasha in the village of Bardovci near Skopje. The mansions, as well as the ciflig (manor) of this pasha, were built in the first half of the 19th century. Compared to the others in the Balkans, the mansions in Bardovci distinguish by their size and by the extraordinary stylish manufacturing and decorative diversity and richness. However, basically they carry marks of a ciflig (manor).   

It is interesting that Havzi Pasha conducted plan schedule of the buildings in this settlement that makes his ciflig from an open type of construction and urban disposition. This means that the lodgings are separated from the other houses of the settlement through which the pasha provided better living conditions for the people.

In the mansions the life was organized for the master and his family, but also for his vassals, servants and guardians of this property. The complex was surrounded by stone walls five meters high. On the outer side, on certain distance eight watchtowers were disposed, used for defense from eventual enemy attacks.

The inner part of the mansion’s complex is divided into three parts, separated by inner walls, high as the surrounding walls. In the central part the exclusively male people building was located. The eastern part was reserved for the female members of the family and their children. In the western part were the premises for keeping the horses. In each of these parts there were subsidiary buildings. By their richly decorated interior distinguish the premises where the master and his family stayed.

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