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On the farthest south of the country, on the right side of the River Vardar, immediate to the border with the Republic of Greece, there’s the town of Gevgelija.

The town in the present has population of 15 000 people, and was developed from a small outpost in the second half of the 19th century. It is at altitude of 50-70m.

On the distance of 3km from the border crossing, on the hill of the River Vardar, the olden settlement Vardarski rid (Vardar Hill) stands erected. Up to the present, six settlements have been found, one on top of the other, in which life has unfolded from the 13th to the 2nd century B.C. They are olden Macedonian outposts which date from the time before and after the reign of Alexander the Great.

The locality comprises rich cultural layers with meaningful architecture. The recent excavations uncover a great number of objects which were used in everyday life, the houses built in the rocks, the pottery and the coins. The pottery findings are in a chronological frame dating from the iron period to the late Hellenism. The archeologists especially single out the outstanding finding of the 12 lanterns, as well as, their finding of the pyramidal dumb-bells inside the houses. Moving in this frame, the existence of textile workshops is pointed out.

Found on this locality, and particularly singled out is a goblet with a mold for vine, in which, besides the rich relief, erotic scenes have been imprinted and that is a rare motif for this type of goblets.

A great number of silver and bronze coins have been discovered, which were minted in the time of Alexander the Great and his father Philip the Second, Philip the Third, Lizimah Persej and Antigon.

In the archeologically unmovable material on Vardarski rid (Vardar Hill), there is a settlement whose name has not been discovered and it represents one of the oldest discovered settlements on our territory, which is dated from the bronze period. The foundations of the houses there have been gouged into the rocks, with walls made out of the river stones, taken from the River of Vardar.

On several kilometers from the locality, the border crossing of Bogorodica with the Republic of Greece is found.

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