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The city under the Marko`s Towers ...

Along the valley of the River Raechka, over the mountain Pletvar the view opens towards the biggest valley in Macedonia – Pelagonija. The town Prilep is found in its northern part with population of 70 000 people and at altitude of 640 to 720m.

In the past the settlement was placed on a hill, known as Marko’s Towers (Markovi Kuli), which by its natural beauty is compared to the Meteors in Greece and Cappadocia in Turkey. Besides the remnants of the old settlement, a stone throne can be seen, on which kings were supposed to be crowned. Also, an elephant statue can be noticed, carved by nature itself…

After Marko’s Towers, in the town quart Varosh, even today, ten churches can be seen, all of which are about 1000 years old. One of them is the monastery church St. Archangel (Sv. Arhangel), in which the second, by its oldness, document of the Cyrillic alphabet is saved.

In the period of 1350 to 1375 Prilep was the metropolis of the King Volkashin and after his death at the battle in Maritsa he was followed by his son Marko. There are countless legends and traditions among the people about King Marko, in which he is represented as a man with superficial powers who always conquered his enemies. Historically seen, King Marko died in 1395 In Romania, as an Ottoman vassal.

Prilep is also known by the 11th of October 1941, when there the uprising of the Macedonian people against the Fascist oppression in World War II started. Because of that, in 1956 it was named a hero –town. In remembrance of the 8 000 soldiers and the 15 national heroes, in the southern part of the town a monument “The Mound of Undefeated” (Mogila na nepobedenite) was built.

Prilep is also known as the town of tobacco, because in its surroundings a lot of quality oriental types of tobacco are being cultivated. The town has a Tobacco Institute, the Tobacco Museum and the biggest cigarettes factory in Macedonia.

The Old Bazaar street is located in the centre of the town. Over it raises the 39m -high Clock Tower, built in 1858, which has an engraving written in Persian “With every tickering, life is shorter by an hour”. Throughout time the tower has bent and today it is slanted for 116cm toward south-west and it represents a tourist attraction.

The best theatrical plays in the Republic of Macedonia are performed on the Theater Festival “Vojdan Chernodrinski”. Its goal is to encourage the domestic theatrical creativity. From 1965 until the present, the festival opens on the first Friday in June and lasts for a week.

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