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The cave Alilica, Tresonche village

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Have you ever heard about a cave with lakes, waterfalls and huge galleries full with stalactites and stalagmites in it? Sounds incredible, but it is true. In the vicinity of the village Tresonche near Debar, in a beautiful nature wrapped up with thick deciduous forest, is located the beautiful speleological beauty called Dolna Alilica (Lower Alilica).

To the village of Tresonche you can get to an asphalt road that leads to Debar. If you follow the signposts that are peeking behind the fence of the Boskos bridge, its impossible to miss the idyllic village of Tresonche. You can get to the cave on uphill rural road. The polite villagers will show you the road if you accidently astray in their yards. If you decide to travel by car, because of the specificity of the road, youll have to park your car at about one kilometer far from the cave. The walking through the fabulous ambient, painted with the most beautiful colors, will stun you, and that is only a piece of the mosaic of the beautiful adventure. To enter in the cave you should pass the small river that is flowing right in front of the entrance. The speleologists and the common visitors have already made a small improvised bridge of lean woods.

There are Gorna and Golna Alilica (Lower and Upper Alilica) and they are around 100m distant one from another. In Gorna (Upper) Alilica the speleologists a few years ago had found fossilized bones from prehistoric bears. With systematic researches there would be an opportunity to be found remains of prehistoric people, because the environment and the cave canals were certainly convenient for living.
The entrance of the cave is tight and you get in it on your knees. But only after ten steps, in front of you will open a huge cave gallery, filled up with beautiful decorations. And deeper you go, you will hear more and more the rumble of the water that for years is incising the bottom of the rocky cave, like with an axe. In the cave, that is one of the most beautiful in Macedonia, there are several big galleries. One of the slippery paths will lead you to the beautiful cave lake, and the another one to the waterfalls.

If you enter in the cave for the first time and without a speleologist or someone who has been in there before, youll have to be careful and remember the way to the entrance. The cave is huge and you can freely move upstanding. At some places it is straitening but you can still pass those several meters on your knees.
The walk in the “underground world” will tire you. That is a sign that its a time for a good meal. The villagers of Tresonche had made a wooden benches and a table in front of the cave, and also a special place for barbecue.

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