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Galishte Cave – Tikvesh Lake

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Miracle of nature – pearls that shine for five million years

You could come at three meters of the cave and not to notice that under you is located one of the most beautiful natural phenomenon in Macedonia – the Galishte Cave. The entrance is so hidden and secret that you wouldn’t even imagine that under your feet, at twelve meters under ground there is a huge cave about five million years old.

To get there you need to float with a boat for three hours through the Tikvesh Lake, almost to the end, and then to walk for 2,5 hours on a steep rocky goat path. This king of journey can be enjoyable only in summer, when the day is long and the weather is warm.

To the cave you can get to one vertical tunnel that is 12m long and 2,5 squares wide. You can go down only with a ladder, and just in case, we recommend you to tie with a rope. When you get down to the bottom of the hole, for whole four meters you will crawl on your tummy, not to be able even to rise up your head. But you’ll forger all the troubles when you’ll get in the cave.

It is obligatory to carry a lamp and a helmet on the head. The temperature is constant through the whole year, from 8 to 15 degrees. You can breathe normally, although you can feel humidity in the air.  
You will be stunned when you’ll see the inside of the cave that will appear in front of you. Large like one football playground, the whole cave is decorated with stalactites, stalagmites, fans, heliotypes, pillars and every other kind of cave decorations.

The cave is one of the most beautiful in Macedonia and in the region. You can’t describe with words the feeling when you’ll get inside. It is breathtaking. The cave is active and it still creates decorations. They are making very slowly. If the conditions are ideal, if there is running water, then one to two millimeters yearly are made. It is estimated that the Galishte Cave is about five million years old. The decorations are producing sound, especially the so called fans. In the Galishte Cave there are decorations named “bride”, “Mona Lisa”… At the entrance of the cave is located the biggest pillar that is four meters long. After it there is a lake that is 25 squares large and half meter deep. The water is crystal clear, cold and tasteful.     

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