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The Pelister Eyes, Baba Mountain – Bitola

A rare beauty remembered by a touching romantic legend

The Pelister (mountain`s) Eyes are glacier lakes at Pelister. They are two lakes also called The Big and The Small Lake. The Big Lake is at an altitude of 2218 meters, it is 233 meters long, and 162 meters wide. Its biggest depth is 14,5 meters. The altitude of the Small Lake is 2180 meters; it is 79 meters long and 162 meters wide, same as the Bid Lake. But, the depth is smaller and it is 2,6 meters.

There is a legend about their formation. It is said that the lakes are formed from the tears of the two sisters who were in love with the beautiful boy named Pelister. But, their mother didn`t allow to neither of them to merry him. In a moment of anger, she sent them to the mountain and coursed them to be close, but, not to be able to see each other. Wandering through the forest, one of the sisters came to the place where today are the Big Lake and the other sister to the place where the Small Lake is. Both of them, heart-broken began to cry. They were crying so much that from their tears are formed the two beautiful lakes.

Because of their rarity and big altitude, these two lakes were one of the options with whom Macedonia was presented at the competition about the election of new seven world wonders.

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