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The village of Pribilci - Demir Hisar

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Pribilci is a village in the north part of the municipality of Demir Hisar, located from the left side of the road Demir Hisar-Krushevo.

The village is at an altitude of 660m, and it is 4,5km far from the town of Demir Hisar.

In the village there is a school till the 4th grade. Pribilci has 287 inhabitants, all of them Macedonians. 

This village is famous and celebrated in many Macedonian popular songs because of the rebellious and patriotic people from the village. During the Ottoman invasion the village was inhabited with Turk population and it was a seat of the Mudur (the leader of the Turks). Jordan Piperkata (a famous Macedonian revolutionary) has burned the village and after that here began to inhabit with Macedonian population.

That is how was gotten the name of the village – the Macedonians were `gathering` in the village (in Macedonian `gather` = `pribira`) and from here derivates the name Pribilci. In the village there are old Turk cemeteries and they are a witness for the life of the Turks in this village. During the Ilinden Uprising in the village was occurred a smeller battle between the Macedonian “komiti” (Macedonian combatant for the liberation of the Ottoman dominion) and the Turk army (at the beginning of the Uprising), and the Turk army that were going to Krushevo and were passing beside the village didn’t find the Macedonian combatants that were hiding in the village. The inhabitants of Pribilci also took part of the National Liberation War of Macedonia, and a proof for that is the monument in the village.

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