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Kratovo Towers

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In the past, on both sides of Tabacka River that flows through Kratovo, there have been 12 towers – 5 on the right-hand side and 7 on its left-hand side. Of those, there are only 6 left as of today and some of them partly, but some of them are completely ruined. Especially interesting are the tower of Stevan Simik (formerly of Abedin efendi), the Hadzi Kostov tower, Emin Bey tower et cetera.    

Историски податоци што попрецизно ќе го датираат градењето на кулите, не постојат. Според одредени научни мислења, се смета дека времето на нивното настанување е пред доаѓањето на Турците, но повеќемина истражувачи се согласуваат дека тие се градени во периодот на турското владеење, потпирајќи го своето трвдење врз нивната архитектура и декоративните елементи.
There is no historical data that will precisely define the construction date of the towers. According to certain scientific opinions, it is considered that the towers have been raised before the arrival of the Turks, but several researchers agree that they have been built during Turkish rule, founding their claims on the existent architecture and decorative elements.

The towers are built using mortar and semi-worked stone, whereas formed stone was used for the windows, doors, staircases and corners.

The interior of the towers is divided in 3 or 4 stories, whereas the upper floors have a single balcony and living headquarters. The windows, protected by iron bars, differ from one another. In the lower part they are narrow and elongated, whereas in the upper rooms the windows are wider. Observatories were also built for protection, surrounded on the outside by stone shields with small openings.

The Clock Tower

The tower of Stevan Simik

Between the more preserved towers in Kratovo is the tower of Stevan Simik that belonged to Abedin Efendi. It was raised on four floors with openings and terraces on the highest floor. The first floor is at three meters height. The main door is wooden. This floor has only one room and it is the smallest because of the thickness of the walls that in this part of the tower are thickest. The second floor is connected with the first with stairs. The room on this floor is a little bit larger and the floor was paved. The third floor is brighter then the first two because the windows are larger and the rooms bigger. The floor is paved. On the east wall there is the fireplace. From the third to the fourth floor there are wooden stairs. This floor is with two rooms that are most convenient for living. The cupola on the first floor is made of stone. On the west wall there ale closets for sheets and other stuffs.

The tower of Emin Bey

Near the tower of Hadzi Kostov and the Krste Tower there is the tower of Emin Bey. Same like the others, this tower is also rectangle in the basis, and it is 12 meters high. Different from the tower of Simik, the tower of Emin Bey has ground floor and another two floors. Between the floors there is a wooden construction, and the second floor is with a cupola. The way of building is same like at the other Kratovo towers. 

The tower of Hadzi Kostov

From the tower of Hadzi Kostov are preserved the ground floor and a part of the first floor and the other was crushed in 1929. In 1957 has been performed a restoration of this tower over its remains. In the basis the tower is rectangle and it was build of the same material like the others Kratovo towers.    

The tower of Zlatko  

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