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Traditional house in Ohrid

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Characteristics that are telling their own story

After the colonization of the Turks at the territory of Ohrid, they inhabit the plain parts of the city, so the Macedonian population had to move to the hilly part of the city. Confronted with the bad and uneven terrain, in Ohrid was beginning to develop one of the most revolutionary types of popular architecture in Macedonia.

The Christian Ohrid houses are southeast oriented, towards the lake and the mountains. They all have quality insolation, and because of the hilly terrain, they have beautiful view of the lake. The houses are original and don’t have determined typification, but the space organization is common for all of the houses. In the floor were stocked the firewood, the wine, the brandy, winter supplies… On the first floor lived the family. In those rooms was preparing the food and was resting the family, and the eating and the sleeping were temporally functions for witch were brought in and out the necessary elements.

The upper rooms were representative and wealthy decorated. They are the largest and have the most beautiful view towards the lake. They served for reception of the guests, family holidays, baptisms and other big family events. Some of the houses had a special room with the most beautiful view – belvedere.
Connected with the beauties and the richness of the lake, the fishermen had special types of houses. It was entering from the street, but also from the side of the lake, where they putted the fishing equipment and prepared the fishes for selling.

Characteristic of this city are also the so called streets – darkness, tunnels covered with the upper floors of the houses that were enlarging upward.

One of the most famous and most representative houses in Ohrid is the house of the Robevci brothers. The house is built by the artisan of Galichnik Todor Petrov in the middle of the 19th century, and it is on four levels. The last level, beside the belvedere has special rooms for the yang ladies, called `the girls rooms`. The rooms at the upper floors are enlarged wherewith is getting playful and interesting façade. Beside the principles of the Macedonian popular architecture, this house had accepted western characteristics.

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