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Ana Rojdeva

Ana Rojdeva is a soprano and she is born in Skopje in 1978. She is Soloist of the MOB Opera since 2005. Graduated singing at the Skopje Faculty of Music Arts with Prof. Marija Muratovska - Naumova.  She performed as student at concerts organized by the faculty as well at the master classes held by Mirella Prutto and Antonio Boyer during the Interfest-Bitola festival. Her regular mentor is Ms. Slavica Petrovska - Galik, primadonna of MOB Opera.

Iskra Shukarova

Iskra Shukarova is a soloist and a choreographer. She completed elementary and high school in Music and Ballet High School in Skopje, department of classical ballet. Iskra studied ballet at the Lion Conservatory in France. She graduated History of Arts and Archeology at the `Ss. Cyril and Methodius` University in Skopje and received her Masters degree in dances at Laban Center in London, UK.

Marija Josifovska

Marija Josifovska, soloist, was born in Skopje in 1979. She started her ballet education at the age of seven at the Children`s Hall `Karposh` in Skopje than moved to the elementary ballet school and Music and Ballet Educational High School `Ilija Nikolovski – Luj` with Prof. Elisaveta Kushovska. Gained great experience even as a student through the ballet competitions and seminars in Bulgaria, Switzerland, France, Italy, etc., as well as through the annual concerts where she always participated as soloist (`Flower Symphony`, `Sleeping Beauty`, `Don Quixote`, etc.).

Boban Kovachevski

Boban Kovachevski was born 15.10.1988 in Skopje. He finished musical school `Ilija Nikolovski Luj` in the class of the Professor Elisaveta Kushovska. During his education he participated in all of the annual concerts with solo acts and responsible tasks. At the same time he performed in Brindisi-Italy, Plovdiv-Bulgary, Belgrade-Serbia, Tivat-Montenegro etc. The session 2005-2006 he was on specialization in Kiev-Ukraine at the academy `Kmuat` and also worked on the classic exercises with the eminent Professor V.Denisenko (the first professor of the famous dancer Mihail Barishnikov). At the same time he mastered other subjects like classic ballet, history games, modern dance, folklore, and the subject repertoire.

Katerina Kiproska

Katerina Kiproska, prima ballerina, was born in Gostivar in 1971.Completed ballet elementary and high school education in the `Ilija Nikolovski – Luj` Music and Ballet Educational Center in Skopje with Prof. Elisaveta Kushovska. Joined MOB Ballet in 1990. Spent three months with the national Ballet in Toronto, Canada, in 1993. Got the title of MOB Ballet Prima ballerina by 1996. Spent one month with the `Stanislavsky` Theater in Moscow, Russia, in 1997. Graduated with the Academy of Music and Dance Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in 2004. Appointed Artistic Director of MOB Ballet during the 2004 - 2006 period. Artistic Director of European College - Athens since 2006.

Aleksandra Mijalkova

Aleksandra Mijalkova was born in Skopje in 1973. Completed elementary and high school education in `Ilija Nikolovski – Luj` Skopje Music and Ballet Center with ballet pedagogue Gjurgjica Jovanovska. Graduated at `Ukrainian Academy of dance - Kiev faculty of choreography at the International Slavic University`, department of Ballet pedagogue - Repetitor for classical ballet. Aleksandra Mijalkova joined MOB Ballet in 1991 as ballet dancer and presented her great potential in the entire theater repertoire.

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