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Sabina Ajrula – Tozija

Born in Skopje, 1946. She is a theater, film and television actress. Sabina Ajrula had her first engagements as a professional actress in the Drama of the Macedonian National Theater and the Turkish Drama of the Theater of National Minorities in Skopje. Since 1967 she has been a member of the Theater of Drama. In 1986 she was declared `actress of the year` and was awarded the `St. Clement of Ohrid` Award.

Katerina Kiproska

Katerina Kiproska, prima ballerina, was born in Gostivar in 1971.Completed ballet elementary and high school education in the `Ilija Nikolovski – Luj` Music and Ballet Educational Center in Skopje with Prof. Elisaveta Kushovska. Joined MOB Ballet in 1990. Spent three months with the national Ballet in Toronto, Canada, in 1993. Got the title of MOB Ballet Prima ballerina by 1996. Spent one month with the `Stanislavsky` Theater in Moscow, Russia, in 1997. Graduated with the Academy of Music and Dance Arts in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in 2004. Appointed Artistic Director of MOB Ballet during the 2004 - 2006 period. Artistic Director of European College - Athens since 2006.

Vesna Ginovska – Ilkova

Vesna Ginovska - Ilkova, soprano, MOB Prima Donna. She graduated from the Skopje Faculty of Music Arts in the class of Prof. Milka Eftimova. Six years later she started studying singing with Prof. Milka Eftimova. She specialized in Belgrade, Serbia, with Prof. Radmila Bakocevic. Her international performances started one year earlier, in 1993, when she performed at the outdoor stage of the `Di Marcello` Theater in Rome, Italy. Ginovska - Ilkova started her specialization in Bulgaria with Prof. Blagovesta Karnobatlova in 1995.

Zaneta Vangeli

Zaneta Vangeli was born in Bitola, Macedonia in 1963. She graduated from the Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste – Städelschule in Frankfurt/M. in 1988. She is a multimedia artist focused on painting, objects, photography and video.

Sasha Nikolovski – Gjumar

Sasha Nikolovski - Gjumar, conductor, was born in 1966 in Bitola. Graduated at Skopje Faculty of Musical Arts, department of Musical Theory and pedagogy, as well department of Composition and conducting with Prof. Fimcho Muratovski.

Ljupco Ilievski

Ljupco Ilievski is one of the most distinguished Macedonian photographers. Belonging to the middle generation of photographers, he nourishes specific, artistic style and powerful mark of an author. At the moment, he is the only photographer in Macedonia whose photos of the Megalithic Observatory Kokino has been published in the Serbian edition of the prestige specialized magazine for photography `National Geographic`.

Dusan Percinkov

Dusan Percinkov was born in 1939 in Skopje. He has graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where he also had his first solo exhibition. Throughout his career, Percinkov had ten solo exhibitions and numerous group shows in Macedonia and in different European countries. In 1978 Percinkov participated as one of the representatives of former Yugoslavia at the Venice Biennial.

Simon Trpceski

Macedonian pianist Simon Trpceski has established himself as one of the most remarkable young musicians to have emerged in recent years, performing with many of the world`s greatest orchestras and delighting audiences worldwide.

Aleksandra Mijalkova

Aleksandra Mijalkova was born in Skopje in 1973. Completed elementary and high school education in `Ilija Nikolovski – Luj` Skopje Music and Ballet Center with ballet pedagogue Gjurgjica Jovanovska. Graduated at `Ukrainian Academy of dance - Kiev faculty of choreography at the International Slavic University`, department of Ballet pedagogue - Repetitor for classical ballet. Aleksandra Mijalkova joined MOB Ballet in 1991 as ballet dancer and presented her great potential in the entire theater repertoire.


The band Ljubojna, which most authentically conveys the pulse of the Macedonian traditional sound, has not only founded its work on its descending to the source but deeply immerses into what we call a contemporary sound. They are the heralds of the Macedonian music of the 21st century. An elegant music with rough rhythmic beat they play with all its passion and vigor. It blends different styles of music founded on the Macedonian music essence. Pronounced as a universal musical language, it has anthropological and cosmopolitan code deep inside.

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