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Археолошки локалитети, Исламска архитектура, Македонски градови, Природни убавини, Села и традиција, Традиционална архитектура, Цркви и манастири

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The Ohrid Lake

Observing the Ohrid Lake in any season as it is illuminated by the sun; one gets the impression of the lake coming to existence just then, and the millions years, as it really is old, as if they don’t exist. In its blue waters there are flora and fauna, which are known about only from the fossils.

Zurce Monastery - Demir Hisar

The monastery church dedicated to St. Athanasius of Alexandria is located in the village near Bitola, Zurce. It was constructed and decorated with frescoes at the same period, in the first decades of the 17th Century. Towards the end of the 19th Century, the dormitory of the monastery fell down, and soon afterwards all the meaning that this sacred object had among the people was lost. In more recent times, the temple was renovated and a new dormitory was raised. The monk order was reestablished in Zurce.

The monastery of St. Elijah Upper, the village of Banjani, Skopje

The monastery church of St. Elijah is located at the valley of the river Banjska, near the village Banjani, southwest from Skopje.

Konaci (lodgings) of Havzi Pasha - Bardovci, Skopje

One of the most impressive  monuments of the Islam profane architecture on the territory of the Balkan Peninsula in the time of the feudal society establishment are the Konaci (lodgings) of Havzi Pasha in the village of Bardovci near Skopje. The mansions, as well as the ciflig (manor) of this pasha, were built in the first half of the 19th century. Compared to the others in the Balkans, the mansions in Bardovci distinguish by their size and by the extraordinary stylish manufacturing and decorative diversity and richness. However, basically they carry marks of a ciflig (manor).   

Globochica Lake - Tashmarunishta, Globochica

The Globochica Lake is located in the West part of Macedonia on the river Crn Drim, about 30km north from Struga.

Galishte Cave – Tikvesh Lake

Miracle of nature – pearls that shine for five million years

Brzhdani Monastery, Kichevo

The Brzhdani Monastery which was positioned in the region Bogorojnichka Krasta stays an enigma up to present days. The information of its existence is scarce and it is mostly of spoken tradition. The locality is not explored enough and unfortunately holes made by pot-hunters, looking for valuable objects, can be noticed.


The city with numerous testifying for Cosmopolitism ...

Archeological Locality Vardarski Rid (Vardar Hill) – Gevgelija

With its position and configuration, Vardarski Rid (The Vardar Hill) really fits the needs of settlement life in almost all prehistoric and ancient periods.

Ancient Megalithic Observatory Kokino

The megalithic observatory Kokino is found in the northern part of Macedonia, near the border with the Republic of Serbia. It is in the region of the village Kokino, and on the border with the village Arbanashko. The whole region is sparsely inhabited, so in the ten surrounding villages, there live less than 1000 people.

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