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Археолошки локалитети, Исламска архитектура, Македонски градови, Природни убавини, Села и традиција, Традиционална архитектура, Цркви и манастири

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Sipkovo Waterfalls, Pehchevo

The dense pine and beech forest at the Maleshevo Mountains from the side of the city of Pehchevo had been hiding for centuries the seven waterfalls at the sources of the river Bregalnica, the biggest river in the east part of Macedonia. Only two of the waterfalls belong to this river, and the others are on its influents, the rivers Crni Dol, Zholtachka and Sipkovski Andak.

St. Gjorgji, Kurbinovo, Prespa

The modest home of the famous Angel

St. Pantelejmon, Veles

This church was built in 1840 under guidance of the most famous Macedonian builder from the period of the revival Andrea Damjanov (1813-1878).

Late roman thermal spa center, Bansko, Strumica

The Romans through their constructive operations left visible marks in this area. One of the most presentable proofs is the construction of the late roman thermal spa center in Bansko, at 12 km southeast of Strumica, under the slopes of the mountain of Belasica.


The region of Mariovo was populated since ancient times, and it was also part of Ancient Macedonia, and a witness to that are the many fortresses and the findings of shields and other objects from the Ancient period.

The village of Ljubojno

Come to Ljubojno where you’ll be welcomed by the hospitable people who will show you Ljubojno and its beauties in its best light.

St. Gjorgji Pobedonosec (The monastery of Rajchica), Debar

The place where is spread the miraculous smell of the relics of St. George … 

Traditional house of Kratovo

The city of Kratovo is laying into the crater of an extinct volcano. In the centre is situated the marketplace (so called charshija) and around it are the quarters. The disposition of the houses is tiered, one above the other with free views. There were seven quarters some of them were Christian, some only Mussulman and some were mixed.

Traditional house in Krushevo

When the Vlachs left Epirus and came to live in Krushevo , they had noticed that the houses with verandas that they built in Epirus didn’t correspond to the new climatic conditions. They meet there with the Mijak culture and the MIjak Galichnik house.


The second town in the Polog valley is Gostivar with population of 41000 people and at altitude of 510-550m.

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