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Археолошки локалитети, Исламска архитектура, Македонски градови, Природни убавини, Села и традиција, Традиционална архитектура, Цркви и манастири

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The traditions of Galichnik

The center of the Miyak culture

The Bey Hamam – Tetovo

The Bey Hamam in Tetovo originates from the 15th century and it is an important monument from its time.

Macedonian Type of Tomb from Staro Bonce

The archaeological site of Pavla Cuka is situated between the villages of Podmol and Bonce. The text below refers to a Macedonian type of tomb, which is unique in its archaeological concept.

Berovo Lake

If you are looking for a place for a weekend where you can relax and enjoy nature in all its beauty, away from city noise and traffic jam, and for a short time to enjoy in the peace, the tranquility and the nature whit which Macedonia abounds than Berovo Lake is a perfect getaway for you.

Kratovo Towers

In the past, on both sides of Tabacka River that flows through Kratovo, there have been 12 towers – 5 on the right-hand side and 7 on its left-hand side. Of those, there are only 6 left as of today and some of them partly, but some of them are completely ruined. Especially interesting are the tower of Stevan Simik (formerly of Abedin efendi), the Hadzi Kostov tower, Emin Bey tower et cetera.    

The archeological locality Isar, Valandovo

The archeological locality Isar is located near the village of Marvinci, seven kilometers southwest from Valandovo.

The village of Pribilci - Demir Hisar

Pribilci is a village in the north part of the municipality of Demir Hisar, located from the left side of the road Demir Hisar-Krushevo.

Globochica Lake - Tashmarunishta, Globochica

The Globochica Lake is located in the West part of Macedonia on the river Crn Drim, about 30km north from Struga.

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