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Традиционална архитектура

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Traditional house in Veles

The house of one of the greatest poets in the period between the two world wars had been completely restored in 1962. The ground-floor was build of stone, and at the floor built of bondruk (light wooden skeleton construction) is dominating the white faзade with wooden edges. The roof is high and covered with tiles. The two-wing wooden door leads to the porch that is a small space that connects the floor, the batch, the terraces and the potter workshop. The workshop is large, and in its floor there is a small dugout. The terrace of the house from one side is connected with the batch, and at the opposite side there are stairs that lead to the upper terrace.

Traditional house of Kratovo

The city of Kratovo is laying into the crater of an extinct volcano. In the centre is situated the marketplace (so called charshija) and around it are the quarters. The disposition of the houses is tiered, one above the other with free views. There were seven quarters some of them were Christian, some only Mussulman and some were mixed.

Traditional house in Krushevo

When the Vlachs left Epirus and came to live in Krushevo , they had noticed that the houses with verandas that they built in Epirus didn’t correspond to the new climatic conditions. They meet there with the Mijak culture and the MIjak Galichnik house.

Kratovo Towers

In the past, on both sides of Tabacka River that flows through Kratovo, there have been 12 towers – 5 on the right-hand side and 7 on its left-hand side. Of those, there are only 6 left as of today and some of them partly, but some of them are completely ruined. Especially interesting are the tower of Stevan Simik (formerly of Abedin efendi), the Hadzi Kostov tower, Emin Bey tower et cetera.    

Traditional house in Ohrid

Characteristics that are telling their own story

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